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Design,R&D and sales of intelligent hardware and consumer electronics.

Shenzhen KOORUI Technology Co., Ltd. is a giant in thesemiconductor display industry of China Tou Huike Group is a Brand-new mobile Internet enterprise focusing onintelligent hardware and consumption Design, developmentand sales of electronic products, founded on Youth Day,May 4, 2021 KOORUl The business started from online, andthe main sales channels covered omnibearing includedAmazon, Jingdong, TikTok and Walmart And globalshopping platforms.

Gather HKC superior resources,Innovative product design and experience.

China's semiconductor display industry giant In the background, KOORUI integrates the resources of the upstream semiconductor screen factory and the downstream terminal Combined resources, innovative design thinking subversion of product experience, rapid development and manufacture all kinds of technology trend products with good market and reputation.

HKC Group
Show industry experience base
20 yerars+
Total investment
The institute masters core technologies
Protected by patented technology reserves

HKC is a comprehensive service provider focusing on the intelligent manufacturing of core components in the semiconductor display field and providing smart IoT solutions. It has been committed to the vertical integration of the upstream and downstream of the display industry chain.

It also has independent intellectual property rights, core competitiveness, and integrated R&D A group company integrating production, production and sales.

One of the three largest large-size LCD panel giants in the world One of the companies with the highest degree of vertical integration in the domestic display industry chain HKC monitor ranks among the top three in sales nationwide
To play is to create
Brand of the future

To build a smart Internet of Things that can play tide life.

Brand mission

B2C entertainment technology retail strategy.

Brand values

Create technological, entertaining and social brand experience for users.

Facing the world, quickly occupying various consumer territories
Covering the world’s three major e-commerce sales platforms
Southeast Asia has completed the expansion of offline physical stores
Set in offline supermarkets in the United States,Japan France and the United Kingdom
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