27" Gaming Monitor 240Hz

27" Gaming Monitor 240Hz
Extremely Smooth Gaming Monitor
QHD 2560x1440

Extremely Smooth Gaming Monitor


AMD FreeSync™ Premium

Gaming UI


23.6" Full HD (1920 x 1080) Display

99% SRGB Color Guamt

3000:1 Dynamic Contrast


60 Hz Refresh Rate

1ms MBR

Accurately ReproduceEvery Game Color

The sREB 100% gaming monitor makes your gamesmore realistic.

With high brightness and high contrastratio, it can present clear, detailed and realisticgaming graphics at any angle.

Break the LatencyBottleneck

1ms response time makes your games more brilliant.

Our gaming monitors use the latest responsetechnology to respond to every gaming action in

theshortest possible time, so you can enjoy the smoothestand most realistic gaming experience in the game.

High Resolution
WQHD (2560 X 1440P)

Explore and immerse yourself in every detail. With 2xthe pixels of Full HD, every detail is viewed in enhanceddepth - creating a 2Kcinematic content viewingexperience night and day.

Level Up Your Gaming Setup

KOORUI 27E3QK Monitor offer AdaptiveSync Technology, reducing screen tearing and minimizing stutter for a smoother, faster gaming experience.

Ergonomic andUser-friendly Design

Adjust the height, swivel and tilt to make yourgaming monitor your own gaming rig. Our gamingmonitors can be freely adjusted to suit your needs,giving you more freedom in your games.

Advanced Gaming Experience with Multiple Ports

Featuring HDMl and VG ports that increase the refreshrate to 240Hz, providing you with the superiorvisual advantage you need to beat the competition inall your gaming exploits with ease.

Relieve Your EyesFrom Strain

Keep your eyes fresh and strain-free. Protects eyes against excessiveblue light with eye saver mode and aflickerfree feature.

See Greatness From Any Angle

Optimized for professional work environments. KOORUI high resolution monitors feature an lPS paneldelivering crystal clear color quality and a wide viewing angle of 178° .

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